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Food photography is often seen as easy, good food looks great so why do your images not look appetising ?
If you have a great chef and can shoot the food that is table ready at the call of ‘service’ – great, except you have to light it and ideally have a suitable background/ surface.
When it arrives at your table, it should have the Wow factor , but can that be captured with the lights in the restaurant?
Probably not -that is where careful planning and speedy execution make a difference, as a professional food photographer you may have a dedicated studio with a professional working kitchen with assistants & food stylists – then you have great flash or continuous lighting with all the modifiers & reflectors, special effects tricks & photoshop completes the process , no wonder Food photography can look so wonderful. 
But with just a bit of planning & a few trade secrets you can improve, so contact GULHOS for a 5 step guide to improve your food instagram pics.

A 5 step guide to better food photography is available for free – just contact GULHOS and ask –

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